Scale, Sell & Invest into Your Infinite Freedom & Future

What if you could scale and sell your practice 5x – 10x in one year

Hello, I’m Eric Francom.

I’m a retired dentist, and I’m living my true calling helping other dentists and business professionals find infinite financial and lifestyle freedom.

Scale and sell your practice for multiples of its current value by finding hidden revenue streams.

Build a highly-profitable portfolio with low risk, quick and high return investments.

Multiply your net worth by 4x or more!
Enjoy passive income streams so you can live your best, free life.

The Infinite Freedom Mastermind is a 12-month program for a limited group of people just like you, who are ready and able to make the moves to infinite freedom.

As a part of the mastermind, you get:

  • Z1 Live In-Person Experiences Per Year
  • Z3 Francom Freedom Vetted Deals Upfront
  • Z1 Monthly Deal Webinar
  • Z1 Freedom Focus Webinar, Plus Q&A
  • ZOptional Meetups
Mastermind Meeting


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Download my top 10 Financial Freedom Formulas and my Top 10 Time Freedom Formulas.

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